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!List of things that make me feel stupid

شنبه, ۱۹ خرداد ۱۳۹۷، ۰۳:۰۴ ب.ظ

1. An over-optimistically scheduled resolution or plan I could not help following it, especially when repeated;

2. A distorted mirror, especially when showing me my spherical nose far from my lips;

3. Stating deep feelings to wrong people and/or at wrong moments, especially expressing love;

4. A pants zipper left open mistakenly in public, especially when teaching in class;

5. Feeling phantom eye dirt, especially when talking to someone important;

6. A seat making inappropriate noise, especially when sitting on rubber sofa and I'd moved very slowly to avoid predicted noise;

7. Trying to convince a fanatic person, especially when (s)he considers him/herself not fanatic;

8. Finding out I wrote a wrong answer just after finishing an exam, especially when checking with a silly classmate who wrote the correct answer easily (or the easy answer correctly!);

9. A vote to a person for presidency or parliament membership based on his obviously silly plans, especially when I know that I'll feel regret after four years, and more especially when it will be repeated every four years.

+ Tell me about your list! :|

موافقین ۴ مخالفین ۰ ۹۷/۰۳/۱۹
دکتر سین
زبان فارسی خودمون چشه مگه؟
There's nothing with it! :D
In fact I love Persian, but I also enjoy writing in English. ^_^
من بند چهارو تعمیم می‌دم به همهٔ زیپ‌های دنیا، مخصوصاً زیپ باز کوله‌پشتی در مسیر دانشگاه و دعوتتون می‌کنم به پست پنج سال پیش و تجدید اون حسم
It is really a nice memory. Relations are somehow funny in first years of university! aren't they?! :D
۱۹ خرداد ۹۷ ، ۱۷:۴۳ بهارنارنج :)
when my brother makes me angry sometimes i make a blunder:|or I mistake and mix the words:|
it make me feel really stupid
hmm If I ask someone a question and he,she answer me in a bad way
oh the worse one when I tell a funny thing or a joke and nobody laugh or pretend to laugh in a stupid way:/
Siblings, eternal challenge! :D
The last one is absolutely the one I had to write in my list! -_-
من 2 رو دوست میدارم :دی
البته اگر تنها باشم :| کلی م تفریح میکنم باهاش :))

6 -_- بارها و بارها اتفاق افتاده :(( بعد قدیمی هم نمیشه لامصب، ینی بچه گیامون این حس رو داشتیم هنوزم داریم -_- 

+در صدر لیست من، یکی اینه که طرفی که بهش کتاب هدیه دادم بگه داره ش یا خوندش، یا وقتی وسط جک گفتن خنده م میگیره یا به نظر خودم یه چیز بامزه ای میگم و احد الناسی نمیخنده یا حتی مسخره میشم بابتش. یا مثلا با حرارت یه فکت یا آیا میدانستید؟ ای رو برای کسی توضیح میدم و میفرمایه بله میدانسته!
یا یه چیزی برای کسی میخرم یا درست میکنم و بعد میفهمم اصلا از اون سبک چیز خوشش نمیومده. 
دیگه... آها!
دیدن یه فیلمی که همه ازش بد گفتن و آخرش من هم به همون نتیجه برسم، علاوه بر اینکه وقتم هم حروم شده. 
سر صحبت باز کردن با کسی که میدونم پس م میزنه یا جور خوبی جوابمو نمیده، اما (عمدتاً از روی اجبار) انجامش میدم. 
خوشبختانه اون مورد 9 رو انجام ندادم و انتخابم آقای ludovico enaudi بود، که باعث شد اوایل اردیبهشت بیاد ایران :دی :))
Yes! Number two is kind of funny! :)
Number six is the biggest bug of God's creation of the world! :|
+ How embarrassing! If I was you, I would shout at them: 'Even if you've read this book, say you have not! Is it that hard to understand the situation?!' :|
I also experienced jokes and facts not interesting for others! In such situations the I inside my brain says: 'Kill me NOW!' -_-
The best gift is money! Let them buy whatever they want! :| :D
About movies, the opposite happened repeatedly for me! Many times I found popular movies boring!!
And about that talking thing, forced dialogues makes me anxious too; But anxiety is different from stupidity for me! :D
May I ask you to vote for Yanni next time?! XD
What?! :||
most of the items, are just funny :D not stupid ;)
except the last one :| this one could be at the top of my list too. :|
Funny for outsider view, stupid for insider's! I mean, in and out of me!! :|
The last one is The King! -_-
دکتر برگشتی به تنظیمات کارخانه ها!
If this is the first English post you face in here, please read the postscript of this post. :)
You're welcome! :)

To think of all those peevish things tucked away meticulously in the corner of my mind, you really are a master in undoing all of my struggles!

Anyway, here are some of the things that I can conjure up at the moment: 

  1. Confining to wrong people and thus the feeling of betrayal that undoubtedly follows in its wake. To make things even worse, getting informed that your confidential affairs have become rather something of a common knowledge.
  2. Being the subject of patronization
  3. Loosing things that I worked my ass off in order to obtain, or simply being deprived of the abilities that were naturally bestowed upon me. (Perhaps I should work on myself to believe that nothing is meant to be within my grasp forever and be less possessive)
  4. Writing off one’s benevolence as their duty. 
  5. Steven Wilson changing the modulation of a song in a particularly melancholic moment and opting for a cheerful albeit fake atmosphere. I mean dude, let us be fucking slumbering in the sea of melancholy or at least be more subtle about turning of the tides will ya? Honestly, I just wanna tear my self apart and be done with it. -__-
  6. to be continued...

Number 4,5 and 6 of your list are among my ultimate trivial phobias as well. I can’t help but fidget just by thinking about them. :/

Some fears seem to be untamable! Sorry for making them rouse from their shadowy nest in your brain!
1. Always remember! The exact definition of "wrong person" is : 'the one who is unable to keep a secret, a secret'. Do your best to avoid them or get ready for disasters!
2. I hate anybody who makes me feel humiliated too!
3. I totally understand. It's hard to see results of your endeavors spoilt! But I cannot realize how possibly someone may be deprived of his/her naturally bestowed abilities. Can you give me an example?
+3. Loosing or losing?! :D
4. Yes! Very shameful and also embarrassing! I unfortunately experienced this feeling too many times! -_-
5. Google says Steven Wilson is a musician and singer; but I don't know him! :P
6. The worst part of this list is that it always remains a 'to be continued...' list, regardless of how long you keep thinking and lengthening the list! :|
And again: Excuse me for awakening your fears! So so sorry!
Well, I suppose the most obvious example for num.3 would be being bedridden in a hospital. Only there it starts to dawn on you how .
magnificent you used to be

 You don’t need to apologize. In some cases, no matther how counterintuitive it sounds, talking about the fears helps to evaporate them or at least you make them less intense.
Some phobias are the most formidable, once they’re caged inside your brain.
Got it. Thanks.
You're right. Have you ever seen 'Deep Dark Fears'? A book full of actual fears of actual people, drawn as comics. When you look at depicted fears, you feel they are somehow less frightening; and in some cases even funny!
No, I haven’t. But thanks for providing the link. I really appreciate it! Though I have seen Nicolas Bruno sleep paralysis collection, which is far more surreal, intimidating and less common.
I'm sure I've seen some pictures of this collection before; but can't remember when or where! :D
It seems like the hyperlink didn’t work properly, here’s the link to the aforementioned collection:
Attractive! Have you played The Evil Within 1 & 2 ever? They're computer games, full of such horror things! I love such things. ^_^

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