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Me, withouth adjectives describing me with an "e.s.t." at the end of them

شنبه, ۲۹ ارديبهشت ۱۳۹۷، ۰۵:۲۰ ب.ظ

Looking back at the life I spent, I see lots and lots of awkward moments that I was beeing judged as the "something"est! And of course too many lots and lots of moments that I did the same to others: I judged them as someone with -est adjectives.

And believe me! It's too much worse to be named as "something apparently positive"est, than "something really negetive"est! Because this makes you feel even lonelier...

As I grew up I found out that we are rarely the best, the worst, the smartest, the dumbest, the biggest, the smallest, etc. and the whole world around us is not a world of -est people; You seldom meet them in real life, maybe Never - with capital N! I recently am feeling that I deeply need someones around me that acknowledge my being, as it is, as I am, promising that I will accept them as what they were, are, and will be as well...

+ From now on, I'll sometimes post in English. So I think it's necessary, once forever, for me to express my deep apologizes to audiences who are left discarded and regretful for not understanding what I say because of their poor English proficiency! :D

موافقین ۳ مخالفین ۰ ۹۷/۰۲/۲۹
دکتر سین
 I feel exactly the same:)
we always pretend to be strong to be perfect,you know you will reject if you let them know you also need someone,you need a shoulder need someone to see eye to eye.
I my self notice there is nobody like this,not even your mother or father those are close to you,we are all alone,
I wanna confess that sometimes I wish I have someone like this but I always face with this painfull truth and feel the grief fever of loneliness:)

You're right! We preferred to bear and carry such silly, tiring masks we always have to put on! -_-
But sooner or later, a fatiguing burden will fall... 
+ Besides, I'm totally surprised for your unexpected incoming comment! :D
I supposed there will be zero comments; at least for the first post of this kind! Gratefulness! :))
سلام. خوش بحالتون می توانید انگلیسی بنویسید
Hi! Thanks. :)
I you know I enjoy it,it some how give me a power to say what I prefer not,we are trying to say that we are tough as nails it's continued until we fall apart:)

your welcome
my third blog is written in english:)
may be you like it

What you said reminds me, in some way, of the most recent post of Nikolaa's... 

+ So you handle three blogs simultaneously?! :))
Yes, I do like it! Cool! :)
عه چقدر باحال :))
آره بنویسید بازم از این پستا. خیلی تجربه خفنیه. 
از بهار نارنج هم تقاضا داریم سر هر پست بیاد و رونقِ مجلس باشه :دی

+ خیلی کم‌ربط، یاد شعر حامد عسکری افتادم. 
با همین نیمه، همین معمولیِ ساده بساز
دیر کردی نیمه‌ی عاشق‌ترم را باد برد
Many, many thanks for being supportive. ^_^

+ Nice poem! :)
?Could you please give us your English blog address
  I could not find the blog link from your Persian blog
Good question! :D
😒😑 ای غربزده ها

😒Shut up baba shalgham
Look who is here! My bald badly-behaving pumpkin-head love! :D

Awesome! :)
...And it's not just the other that named us as "est
Sometimes we assume ourselves as a tough person
And sometimes we are absolutely wrong
There's a million thing that we don't know about ourselves and others don't know about us... And maybe we don't want to know because unawareness is just easier 
I completely agree with that. Sometimes the one who overestimates or underestimates me, is me! And it's more critical than when others do so. But the good news is the older we get, the less it happens. And I think I've reached at the point that this probability is consciously and intentionally getting lower and lower.
And one more thing: Unawareness may seems to be easier for now, but it does not make future any easier.
+ It's a pleasure you commented! :)

I believe that branding peaple with est’s probbably steems from our natural instincs that kick in , in times of coming across new situations. It’s inevitable and for some unknown reasons, I find it difficult  to imagine a world without our perennial weapon that is judgment. Truth be told, there were times that I questioned  myself about what would it be like had I taken heed of  my so called intuition and avoided people whome I didn't like their fellowship. Well now ,I suppose I’m deviating too much from the main point. Looking at it from another perspective, I guess the real question is, what makes us so biased and  oblivious about the reality even long after we’d come to know a person? Do we even take time and cognitively interrogate ourselves about the vague entity that we deemed to be reality? And one more thing, what gives us the right to freeze people in time and condemn them once they have exceeded our expectations(=aka. the illegitimate offspring of judgement if you don’t mind my language)?

Maybe the reason is that perceiving someone as utmost positive, provides a reason for one to fulfill their victim symptom. Or maybe seeing someone as utmost negative can satisfy others superiority. Either way, there are plenty of maybes.


P.S: this whole english post+comments was so 


P.s2: the font is probably gonna come off too big for my liking. Such a pity that there is no option for adjusting that .

Life experiments have taught me a vitally important interrelation rule: When facing new situations or people, always try to consider a slight, but very important distinction between judgment and decision making. Judging a person requires a bird's-eye view about him/her, within the fact(s) he/she is involved in, synchronized with a full understanding upon environment and surrounding parameters. It is - if not impossible - at least too hard to stay fair and complete enough about all of this. On the other hand, when you make decisions about others, you simply determine the plan of action of - just - yours; which could be as flexible and intelligent as possible to avoid building mindset that affects the hardship of probable later steering changes due to judgmental errors. So judgment could usually be postponed or even left undone, but decisions should be made asap, whenever needed. This outlook meaningfully decreases the chance of, according to you, freezing people in time and condemn them once they've exceeded our red lines.
And about this fulfillment of victim symptom, as well as superiority satisfaction you just mentioned: These are the consequences of being "-est"-judgemental about others and I think the only way to keep away from them is spending time and effort on knowing and comprehending ourselves.
And as my summing-up statement: All I said means I am totally of the same opinion as you about all you said. :)
rep. to P.S. Your comment encourages me to keep on composing more English posts! Big thanks for such a big motive! :)
rep. to P.S.2 Don't worry! The font is exactly as large as it should be! :))
+ Splendid English vocabulary domain and fluent proficiency! Outstanding! :D

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